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General Car Service


Gerenal Car Service

The General Car Service is very important to be done on time. In this way you ensure the safety of your daily journeys as well as the excursions to longer distances. At the same time, you achieve the longevity of the parts and consequently of your vehicle. For example, oil change on time and care and proper engine setup extend to its maximum life.
We in SAAB's dedicated workshop always with respect to the driver and love for the car we offer General Car Service promising the quality of our work.

General Car Service

  • Oils
  • Oil Filter
  • Gas filter
  • Air filter
  • Air filter
  • Air Conditioning Filter
  • Spark plug
  • Brake system control
  • Checking external belts
  • Exhaust emission control
  • Refrigerator control
  • Check oil spills
  • Check transmission leaks
  • Anti-freeze leakage test
  • Fluid leakage and hydraulic steering control
  • Tire pressure test
  • Windscreen control
  • Light control
  • Checking posts
  • Front system control (scissors-hub-rack)
  • Air Condition Control
  • Check battery
  • Brain diagnosis



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